For those about to visit Durham, North Carolina you may wonder what the city offers in terms of shopping. Fortunately Durham has a few nice shopping malls to visit. Here are some of the malls to enjoy in Durham, North Carolina.

The Streets At Southpoint

The most popular mall in Durham is The Streets At Southpoint. It’s a gigantic mall, and was once featured in a USA Today article as one of the best malls to spend money at. At this mega mall there are over 100 shops to spend time and money at.

Some of the most popular stores are there such as Nordstrom, the Apple Store, and Macy’s. If you are hungry, there are over 20 restaurants to choose from. The Cheesecake Factory, Firebirds Rocky Mountain Grill, Panera Bread, and Chick-Fil-A are some of the delicious options.

If you are looking for some entertainment, The Streets At Southpoint also offer an IMAX movie theater. It’s always convenient when you can do some shopping, catch a movie, and then have a nice meal.

Northgate Mall

The other popular mall in Durham to shop at is the Northgate Mall. This mall has a lot more than just shops too. You can get a workout in at the fitness center, watch a movie, or even catch some live music during the Spring and Fall.

For families with children you might want to take them to the Northgate Mall carousel. Active children will enjoy the trampoline park there, which is a great way to burn some energy. Northgate mall truly has something for everyone.

The Northgate food court has a wide variety of foods to choose from. You can get Cajun food at the Cajun Cafe, or enjoy barbecue from Carolina BBQ & Chicken. The mall also has Chinese Food, Greek food, and two pizza places to choose from.

Between The Streets At Southpoint, and the Northgate mall there are some great mall choices in Durham, North Carolina. Both malls have plenty to do, and you can even watch a movie at both.

The Streets At Southpoint has hundreds of shops, and lots of delicious food choices. Northgate mall offers a variety of food, a carousel, and even a trampoline park. If you are visiting Durham and love to shop the best thing to do is to visit both malls. You truly can make a day of it at both!